Red Hot Chili Peppers To Cover Themselves In Fruit, Buckets

Video for 'Can't Stop' an homage to Austrian artist Erwin Wurm.

When you've developed a reputation for funneling your love for art and film into strikingly creative videos, the pressure to come up with fresh ideas is on — which might explain why the Red Hot Chili Peppers will decorate themselves with fruit, children's toys and plastic buckets for the video for "Can't Stop," their third from their latest LP, By the Way.

The living sculpture concept is an homage to Austrian artist Erwin Wurm, who typically invites his subjects to adorn themselves with various accessories, then creates photographs and film clips of these so-called "one-minute sculptures."

The clip for "Can't Stop" will be shot later this week in Los Angeles by veteran video director Mark Romanek, known in part for working with Nine Inch Nails to mirror the artwork of Joel-Peter Witkin and Edward Gorey.

"Can't Stop," which will hit video outlets in January, will also feature live footage of the band.

The performance should effectively warm up the Chili Peppers for their headlining show at the Chevy Truck U.S. Snowboard Grand Prix in Park City, Utah, on December 20. The outdoor concert will be broadcast by NBC the next day, and will be the group's only U.S. appearance before its tour next spring.