Stereolab Singer Killed After Being Struck By Car

Mary Hansen, vocalist and keyboardist, was 36.

Mary Hansen, the keyboardist and vocalist for Stereolab, was killed in East London on Monday afternoon after being struck by a car while riding her bicycle. She was 36.

"Obviously, you never expect incredibly tragic sorts of things like these to happen, and everyone in the band is just numb from deep, deep shock," said Martin Pike, Stereolab's manager and co-owner of the band's Super 45 imprint, Duophonic. "None of the band has spoken about how they'll deal with it yet."

Hansen joined Stereolab in 1992, helping the retro-pop band craft its signature synth-heavy, space-age sound. While the group never had blockbuster sales success, Stereolab and Hansen carved out a cult following of devoted fans, adoring critics and fellow musicians like Sonic Youth, Pavement and Blur, who all took Stereolab on tour.

The singer's body is being flown to her native Australia, where a private funeral will be held. London police say they are continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding Hansen's death. Pike says the family has yet to decide whether or not a civil suit is appropriate. "There is a legal process that will be gone through but it's just too soon to say what will happen," he said.