James Bond Rolls Over Eminem, Harry Potter

'Die Another Day' became largest debut of any Bond movie in franchise's 40-year history.

James Bond drove his invisible sports car across "8 Mile" over the weekend and ran over kid wizard Harry Potter and movie mogul Ice Cube in the process, as "Die Another Day" topped the box office with an estimated $47 million opening (Click for photos from "Die Another Day").

Starring Pierce Brosnan in his fourth turn as Her Majesty's super-spy 007, "Die Another Day" became the largest debut of any Bond movie in the franchise's 40-year history. Moreover, it was a huge victory for MGM, which turned out a series of flops this year including "Windtalkers" (estimated cost: $115 million, final gross: $41 million), "Hart's War" ($70 million; $19.8 million), "Rollerball" ($70 million; $19 million) and "Deuces Wild" ($10 million; $6 million) before hitting big with "Barbershop" (see "Ice Cube's 'Barbershop' A Cut Above The Rest At Box Office").

"Barbershop" star Ice Cube's latest flick, "Friday After Next," opened over the weekend to the tune of $13 million to land at the #3 spot (Click for photos from the "Friday After Next" premiere), while last week's #1 movie, "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets," suffered a drop of more than 50 percent. The second film in the Harry Potter series slid into second place with $42.3 million, for an overall total of $148.5 million. "The Emperor's Club," the weekend's only other widely released new film, debuted at #7 with $4 million.

"8 Mile" took a "Harry Potter"-sized hit similar to the 62-percent drop the Eminem-driven flick experienced last week, falling another 55 percent in its third weekend of release and taking in $8.7 million, making it the weekend's #5 movie. The film's total now stands at $97.6 million.

The rest of the weekend's top 10 includes "The Santa Clause 2" at #4 with $10.3 million ($95 million, four weeks); "The Ring" at #6 with $7.6 million ($110 million, six weeks); "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" at #8 with $3.8 million ($204.6 million, 32 weeks); "Half Past Dead" at #9 with $3.3 million ($12.6 million, two weeks) and "Frida" at #10 with $2.4 million ($12.1 million, five weeks).

"Jackass: The Movie," "Sweet Home Alabama" and the Eddie Murphy/ Owen Wilson comedy "I Spy" all fell out of the top 10 for the first time since they were released.