Angie Martinez Quits 'American Idol' After Two Episodes

DJ says she can't deal with crushing anyone's dreams.

A week after signing on to be a judge on second season of "American Idol,"

New York DJ/hip-hop artist Angie Martinez has bailed on the show, citing her

discomfort with squashing the hopes of would-be Kelly Clarksons.

"Being asked to join 'American Idol' as their newest panelist was an honor,"

Martinez said in a statement (see "Angie

Martinez Joins Gang Of 'American Idol' Judges"). "However, after

judging the first few auditions, I've decided to leave the show because it

became too uncomfortable for me to tell someone else to give up on their

dream, especially when I realized that many of them have supported my


"Some girl burst into tears when Angie rejected her at the auditions, and

Angie quit," Martinez's manager explained. "She just couldn't crush the

contestants' dreams."

Just a week ago, Martinez was confident that her hard-knock lessons in the

music biz would actually help her separate the wheat from the chaff. "The

truth is that the music business is mean and honest and brutal," Martinez

said last week of taking her seat alongside brutally honest British judge

Simon Cowell. "So if you don't have somebody like that on the panel, then

you're not doing a good service. 'Cause then you go out into the real world

and the music business and you're in for a surprise."

Martinez is expected to appear on the first two episodes of the show as a

special guest judge, but later episodes will find the judge's table pared

down to the original three — Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson.

And even though Cowell has tried his best to break Abdul's spirits,

Martinez's rep promised that his client's quitting "had nothing to do with