Sandler, Barrymore May Reunite For 'Kisses'; Halle Heads Into 'Squall'

'Wedding Singer' pair eyeing another romantic flick.

With "Punch Drunk Love" still winning him critical accolades, Adam Sandler is looking toward another love story that could perhaps be described as "Memento" meets "The Wedding Singer."

Sandler is considering starring in "Fifty First Kisses" as a guy smitten by a gal with a memory-loss disorder who must be convinced to fall in love with him anew each day.

As with his forthcoming "8 Crazy Nights" and "Anger Management" and classic Sandler fare such as "Big Daddy" and "The Waterboy," the ex-"SNL" regular would also co-produce if he takes on the project. Contrary to trade reports, a spokesperson for Sandler said that he is not "attached" to the flick, but that he is considering it.

And as for who may play the forgetful object of his affection? A spokeswoman for Drew Barrymore, another Hollywood star fond of co-producing her own flicks (see "Blood Oath Brings Charlie's Angels Together For 'Intense' Sequel") and Sandler's "Wedding Singer" co-star, confirmed that the two friends have discussed "Fifty First Kisses," though there is no official offer to her on the table.

Speaking of movie stars-turned-producers, Halle Berry is set to tackle a drama called "October Squall." The Academy Award-winning actress and fresh-faced Bond girl in next month's "Die Another Day" will star as a woman whose teenage son, the product of a rape, begins to take on some of his father's less-than-pleasant characteristics. She will also co-produce.

Berry is currently in Vancouver, British Columbia, shooting "X2" (see " 'X2' Set Visit Uncovers Secrets: X-Mansion Attack, Better Hair For Halle").