J. Lo, Eve, Steven Tyler Take Home Naked Women From Fashion Awards

Most people wear boring black, though.

At an awards show where Eve, J. Lo and Steven Tyler were the big winners, the best thing about the night was seeing what all the stars were wearing. That goes without saying, though, since it was the 2002 VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards — one has to expect that the artists' duds could very well upstage the artists themselves.

The problem was that, while everyone had on nice threads, they were, for the most part, black. Sure, that might make everyone look thin and chic, but it can also make for some pretty boring copy.

The show was held Tuesday night at Radio City Music Hall to celebrate fashion and honor the top designers. And what better way to achieve that than by distributing statuettes depicting a naked woman doing a headstand with her legs splayed?

Looking fresh-faced and wholesome in an outfit resembling the one seen in the opening sequence of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" — a white button-down shirt under a black short-sleeved sweater, a cream swing skirt, topped off with a white beret (which, unlike Mary’s, remained on her head) — Jennifer Lopez went home with the Most Influential Artist of the Year award. “The truest beauty,” she said before thanking a long list of designers, hair stylists, makeup artists, and all the other people who assist in creating her look , “is God-given and radiates from the soul.”

Eve accepted the Breakthrough Style award in a tailored black jacket with a black scallop-edged bra underneath, pantaloons with zippers up the legs, and a black fedora. “You create trends,” she said, “not follow trends.”

Despite his unforgivable fashion faux pas — the bare-chested, Lycra pants and suspenders ensemble — Steven Tyler won the Rock Style award, summing up his acceptance speech with “three” parting words: "androgynous," "chameleon" and "freak flag."

Lenny Kravitz, who accepted the award for Red Carpet on Gwyneth Paltrow’s behalf, sported a blowout with his black suit, slate gray ascot, and, as was de rigueur for the men of the night, sunglasses.

P. Diddy presented an award to Ralph Lauren dressed in a stone-colored three-piece suit with a white bud in his lapel, and dark black shades.

Pink arrived with an escort clearly committed to making a fashion statement (and perhaps doing a dry run before the pressure of Halloween night) by arriving in a black suit, a stovepipe hat and full skeleton face-paint.

When Pink got onstage to perform the first of two songs, “Family Portrait,” the audience pumped their fists while she sang the emotional number in a cropped wife-beater and striped low-rider pants. Back from commercial break and accompanied by Steven Tyler for “Misery,” she wore a black jacket-dress with tall black stiletto boots. Her nails were painted black and she had the 21st century version of the nose ring chained to the earring popularized by Jane Child: the ring fingernail chained to the pinky.

During Carlos Santana and Michelle Branch’s duet, “The Game of Love,” Santana wore a tie-dyed shirt with a picture of Bob Marley in the center, a black leather cap and glasses, while Branch went a little retro too with a black dress over red bell-bottoms.

David Bowie sang “Cactus” in a long black suit jacket and pants shortly before the evening was capped off by a performance of “You Can’t Stop the Beat” by the cast of the Broadway musical “Hairspray,” based on the 1988 John Waters film about music, fashion, and teenagers in the 1960s.

Alexander McQueen won Revolutionary Designer and Tom Ford for Yves St. Laurent Rive Gauche was named Designer of the Year.