Ice Cube Cuts Hair, Tom Green Cuts Corners This Weekend

'Barbershop,' 'Stealing Harvard' open in theaters Friday.

Rappers turning to acting, skaters turning to acting, actors turning to skating, characters turning to crime — "Barbershop" and "Stealing Harvard," this weekend's two new flicks, are all about evolution.

"She did a hell of a job," music and film veteran Ice Cube said of fellow rapper Eve's acting turn in "Barbershop," a new comedy set in a, well, you know. "Man, I think she should pursue [acting]. Her performance, to me, was flawless."

Co-starring Sean Patrick Thomas ("Halloween: Resurrection") and Cedric the Entertainer, "Barbershop" follows Cube's character, who inherits a Chicago barbershop from his father, as he struggles with the shop's legacy and his own priorities. (Click for photos from "Barbershop.)

"What movies like 'Boyz N the Hood' captured about South Central and the world, basically life in the 'hood," Cube explained, "this captures what the barbershop is all about. I think if you watch this movie, you'll be able to figure out all the barbershops throughout the country 'cause they pretty much the same."

Pro skater-turned-actor Jason Lee teams with actor (and now pro skater) Tom Green in "Stealing Harvard." The movie centers on Kevin Smith flick alum Lee, who's desperate to fulfill a promise to his niece to put her through college while satisfying his fiancée's desire to buy a house at the same time. His eccentric buddy, played by Green, convinces him that a life of crime is the ticket to solving his financial problems. Predictably, wacky hi-jinks ensue.

The independently produced "Snipes," starring yet another rapper-turned-actor (Nelly) goes into a wider release this weekend as well.

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—Ryan J. Downey, with additional reporting by

Nick Zano