Nelly, De Niro, Itty Bitty Speedo Invade Theaters

'City by the Sea,' 'Swimfan,' 'Snipes' open this weekend.

Robert De Niro, Nelly and a special little Speedo are all hitting theaters this week.

"The Speedo's actually the top billing," Shiri Appleby said with a wide grin, sitting poolside at a Los Angeles hotel with her "Swimfan" costars. "Before Jesse [Bradford], before Erika [Christensen], before myself — it's Speedo, number one. It was actually vital to all the female fans out there to come see our movie." (Click for photos from "Swimfan.")

" 'Cause the Speedo made many appearances, you see," Christensen agreed. "It wasn't just Jesse. I mean, there was a whole swim team."

"I raced out and bought one the second I knew that I was doing the movie," admitted Bradford, who sports the tight-fitting swim team staple through much of the movie. "I bought the goggles, I bought the earplugs and I bought the Speedo, just so I could get used to it all."

Bradford plays a top high school swimmer with a devoted girlfriend (Appleby) who's seduced by the obsessive, and ultimately psychotic, new girl at school (Christensen) (see " 'Swimfan' Carries On Proud Tradition Of Teen Stalker Movies").

"I remember the first time I'm sitting in the gym locker room getting ready to go out to the pool and I put the thing on and I'm like, 'Oh my God,' " Bradford recalled. "I got out there and I just felt like everyone was looking at me. It turns out I think people actually avoid looking at you when you're wearing a Speedo. So if you want to draw attention away from yourself, rock the Speedo. And people will be scared to look at you, especially if you have creamy white thighs like I do."

"Swimfan" and its Speedo are going up against Robert De Niro and "Spider-Man" 's James Franco in "City by the Sea," about a cop whose son is accused of murder.

"Snipes," named after the people who wallpaper city streets with stickers and posters promoting upcoming albums, is also hitting theaters, though in only a limited number of them. Starring rappers Nelly and Schoolly D, "Snipes" is set in Philadelphia and involves a group of snipes that are up to no good.

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— Ryan J. Downey, with additional reporting by Nick Zano