Oasis Members In Auto Accident; Shows Postponed

Noel Gallagher, Andy Bell, touring player injured in taxi crash.

Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher, no stranger to head-on collisions with other musicians, was in an unfortunate head-on collision with a moving vehicle which has resulted in the postponement of three of the band's shows this week.

The 35-year-old guitarist/singer, bassist Andy Bell and touring keyboardist Jay Darlington were in a taxicab that was struck by another vehicle Tuesday afternoon in downtown Indianapolis. While not seriously wounded, Gallagher, Bell and Darlington were taken by ambulance to a hospital and treated for shock, cuts and bruises, according to a statement released by concert promoter Clear Channel Entertainment and the band via its Web site.

The majority of the injuries were caused by airbag and seatbelt burns and Gallagher, who was seated in the front of the cab, primarily suffered facial bruising, according to the statement.

Oasis first postponed Wednesday's show at Indianapolis' Murat Theatre on doctor's orders so that the bandmembers can rest for the next 48 hours and let their prescribed medications take full effect. Late Wednesday evening Oasis also pulled out of their shows in Philadelphia (8/9) and Boston (8/10) in order to allow Gallagher more time to recover. Darlington is also scheduled for further treatment for his hand and upper arm.

The band and its promoters are currently looking for a way to reschedule the shows. "Oasis would like to thank all their fans in Indianapolis for their understanding that the show can't take place this evening, and assure them that every effort will be made to return soon," the band's statement concluded. The band had no further comments regarding whether or not Gallagher, Darlington or Bell will be involved in any insurance claims that arise from the accident.

Oasis kicked off their U.S. tour last week (see "Oasis Set Up U.S. Tour Whether Liam Likes It Or Not").

Gideon Yago