'Goldmember' Hotter Than Austin's Velvet Suits At Box Office

Third installment in 'Austin Powers' franchise has largest opening for any comedy in history.

It looks like we can count on seeing "Austin Powers 4."

"Austin Powers in Goldmember" took in a record-breaking $71.5 million over the weekend, according to studio estimates. It was not only the biggest opening for a movie starring Mike Myers, the biggest for New Line Cinema and the biggest ever in July — it was also the largest opening for any comedy and the fifth highest of all time.

The third installment of Mike Myers' spy-spoof series, which costars Destiny's Child's Beyoncé Knowles, Michael Caine and Seth Green (see "Seth Green Unafraid To Be Outshined In 'Austin Powers' "), took in an additional $3.5 million from Thursday night sneak previews. Myers has said that he's interested in returning for a fourth "Austin Powers," and has said making "Goldmember" was "the most fun I've ever had in my life, hands down" (see "In Theaters: Mike Myers, Mike Myers, Mike Myers, Mike Myers And Beyonce").

"Rush Hour 2," another New Line film, previously held the record for a comedy with its $67.4 million opening last year. "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me," the last installment in Myers' series, made $54.9 million when it opened in 1999.

"Austin Powers in Goldmember" is now the third highest opening this year, behind "Spider-Man" ($114.8 million) (see " 'Spider-Man' Breaks Box-Office Record") and "Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones" ($80 million) (see " 'Episode II' Swats 'Spider-Man' From Top Spot").

"The Country Bears," the weekend's other widely released film, debuted at #6 with $5.2 million.

The weekend's #2 slot belonged to the Tom Hanks mob drama "Road to Perdition," with $11 million for an overall three-week total of $65.6 million. The rest of the top 10 includes "Stuart Little 2" at #3 with $10.7 million, with an overall take of $34.8 million in two weeks of release; "Men in Black II" at #4 with $8.7 million, for an overall take of $173.6 million; Russian submarine drama "K-19: The Widowmaker" (see "Killer Russian Sub And Giant Spiders Attack: What Is This, 1955?") at #5 with $7.3 million, and $25 million in two weeks; Adam Sandler's "Mr. Deeds" (see "Billionaire Buffoon, Big-Headed Cartoon Join Box Office Fray") at #7 with $4.2 million for an overall total of $116.1 million in five weeks; dragon flick "Reign of Fire" (see "Summer Film Season Heats Up With Studs, Fire-Breathing Dragons") at #8 with $3.3 million for an overall take of $36.3 million in three weeks; Tom Cruise's "Minority Report" (see " 'Minority Report' Is No 'Jetsons,' Spielberg Says") at #9 with $3.1 million for an overall take of $123.2 million in six weeks; and finally, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" at #10 with $3 million.

"My Big Fat Greek Wedding," a small independent film that features N'SYNC's Joey Fatone in a small role (see " 'NSYNC's Joey Fatone Talks About His Big Fat Movie"), has made $35.4 million in 15 weeks despite only playing on 569 screens. By comparison, "Goldmember" is currently showing on 3,613 screens.

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