In Stores Now And Coming Soon: New Music From Dave Matthews Band, Vines, 'Austin Powers,' Jerzee Monet & More

Albums by Pulse Ultra, Mary Mary also hitting shelves.

After aging for two years and then circulating on the Internet, Dave Matthews Band's songs from the so-called Lillywhite sessions will be officially released Tuesday (July 16) on the album entitled Busted Stuff. On this album, however, the songs, including the first single, "Where Are You Going,"have been reworked by the band and engineer Steve Harris.

You Hear It First alums Jerzee Monet and the Vines both release their debut albums, while ambient artists Morcheeba issue Charango, which features, among the Brazilian and samba-infused tunes, a guest appearance by Slick Rick (on "Women Lose Weight") and the Dr. Dre-produced "Get Along."

The Flaming Lips release Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, their first full album since 1999's The Soft Bulletin. Releasing yet another remix album, Gorillaz battle it out with Space Monkeyz on Laika Come Home.

Finally, also out Tuesday is the soundtrack to the latest "Austin Powers" installment, "Goldmember," featuring the hula hoop anthem "Work It Out" by Beyoncé Knowles, and remixes of Britney Spears' "Boys" (by Pharrell Williams) and Jay-Z's "Hard Knock Life" (by Dr. Evil). Yeah, baby!

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