3LW Out To Show A Girl Can Mack

Songbirds focused on finishing up second album, due in October.

With the first offering off of their upcoming A Girl Can Mack LP, teen trio 3LW plan to show that they can hang with grown folk.

In the video for "I Do (Wanna Get Close to You)," the little women hit the club in search of good times, according to a spokesperson for the group. But the party isn't in any ordinary spot in the Chris Applebaum-directed vid: The songbirds get things jumped off in a futuristic pod-like venue in the middle of the ocean where they come across Loon — who raps on the track — Naughty by Nature and Nick Cannon.

"[The song] is a lot of fun," the group's oldest member, Adrienne, said last month of the P. Diddy/Mario Winans-produced cut. "We wanted to come out with a song that was going to make people happy."

The girls said they have a couple of melancholy love offerings on the LP as well. "There is a joint on our album called 'Crazy,' " Adrienne disclosed. "It's about a girl who's falling in love with a guy that's taken. But not only is he taken, she's taken. They both got people in their lives and she's saying, 'Just this once, I hope two wrongs can make a right.' It's a sad song, the melody is beautiful. It will touch a lot of people that fall in love with people that are taken. Trust me, it happens a lot."

Adrienne and her group members Kiely and Naturi said they've pretty much wrapped up production on their second album (see "3LW Dis Lil' Bow Wow, Leave Club With a Taller Baller" ), but are still in the lab working on a few more cuts.

"Another one of our favorite songs — we haven't really recorded that [yet] — is called 'Ex-Love of My Life,' " Kiely interjected. "It's this girl saying, 'You used to be my love but now you're the ex-love of my life.' I love the beat, that's the best part of the song. It starts off really sad and slow and she's like, 'I have to take this song and flip it.' So she just flips into this really hard beat."

"Goodbye!" Adrienne chimed in. "It's empowering. You know why? 'Cause a girl can mack!"

"Ya heard!" Kiely jumped back in. "Nothing helps a broken heart more than the next two boyfriends. Just keeping it real."

Kiely also keeps it real when talking about 3LW's lyric-penning. She said that they're constantly working on songs but aren't ready to share them with the world yet, especially on the new album.

"We didn't want to make the sophomore mistake," she said. "A lot of times it's a perception that you have a successful first album and you go into your second album and you're like, 'I'mma do it all. I know exactly what I'm doing.'

"We did really good on our first album collaborating," she added. "We're still teenagers. We don't have it all together. But we still have our ideas. That's what's fun about working with all our producers. They let us be us. It was really cool, we didn't want to veer so much, we didn't want to change directions. We just wanted to take it to the next level, hone our craft, keep writing amongst ourselves. Maybe the third or fourth album we'll be writing and producing."

"It takes a while to get it all down pat," said Naturi, building on her partner's thoughts. "That's the mistake a lot of people make."

3LW's rep said the video for "I Do (Wanna Get Close to You)" is in post-production and should be ready in July. A Girl Can Mack is slated for an October release.