De Niro, Queen Members To Bring 'We Will Rock You' To London Stage

Featuring music of Queen, show will be science fiction fantasy about world overtaken by globalization.

Two of the surviving members of legendary rock band Queen have teamed with

actor Robert De Niro to answer the venerable questions: Is this the real

life? Is this just fantasy?

Fantasy, apparently.

On May 14 at the Dominion Theatre in London, the futuristic new musical "We

Will Rock You" will bring the music of Queen to the stage, producers Brian

May and Roger Taylor — the former guitarist and drummer for Queen, respectively — and De Niro announced in a press conference Tuesday (March 26).

Rather than tell the story of Queen, which came to an end when

singer Freddie Mercury died of complications from AIDS in 1991, "We Will Rock You" will be a science fiction fantasy about a world overtaken by globalization, where everyone

listens to the same computerized music and instruments are banned.

"Queen's music is uniquely theatrical," the musical's author, Ben Elton,

said at the press conference. "I had this vision where 'The Matrix' meets

the Arthurian legend meets 'Terminator 2.' "

Elton, a former British comedian who penned the musical "The Beautiful Game"

with Andrew Lloyd Webber, came onto the Queen project only recently, after

the producers spent several years toying with ideas.

The seeds for "We Will Rock You," which will feature such Queen hits as "Bohemian

Rhapsody," "We Are the Champions" and "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," were

sown in 1996 at the Venice Film Festival, where May and Taylor met De Niro

after a series of short Queen films screened before the actor's flick "Sleepers."

"That's how long things take," De Niro told reporters. "I think it is going

to be terrific."

"We Will Rock You," which the producers plan to stage at a later point in North

America, Australia, Scandinavia, Italy and Japan, is a $10.7 million

production, mostly due to the 37-member company and extravagant special


After all, it takes big dough to stage "Thunderbolt and lightning/ Very, very frightening."