Doves Soar Back With The Last Broadcast

British trio lighten up a bit on second LP.

Even though atmospheric English pop band Doves named their upcoming album The Last Broadcast, they have no plans to go off the air.

"Some people hear the name and think we're splitting up," said vocalist and bassist Jimi Goodwin from his Manchester home. "It's not meant to be final or anything, it's just the name of a song on the album."

Like the band's 2000 debut, Lost Souls, The Last Broadcast — which is scheduled for release June 4 — combines epic, sweeping sonic vistas with lyrics about striving to escape a confining existence.

"A lot of it is about wanting to better yourself and get somewhere else," Goodwin said. "It's about the sort of restlessness of wondering, 'When are you ever gonna find where you want to be?' Or, 'Does anyone ever find that at all?' "

Though Lost Souls was ultimately melancholy, Goodwin said The Last Broadcast is far more optimistic. Much of that change stemmed from the environment in which the disc was created. While the band's first album took over two years of grueling studio work, the new one was crafted in eight months immediately after the band returned from touring behind Lost Souls.

"It's been such a couple busy years for us, and that's really vibed us up," Goodwin said. "We were babes in the wilderness dreaming of touring America or going to Australia or headlining our own shows. That was a distant impossibility to us, and now we've done it, which has really inspired us."

The album's first single is "There Goes the Fear," a seven-minute track that includes the lyrics "Out of here, we're out of here/ Out of heartache along with fear/ There goes the fear again/ Let it go."

"It's about leaving the past in the past," Goodwin said. "It's quite positive, and the song is really melodic. It goes up and down in intensity, and then it eventually morphs into a Brazilian thing with serdos (deep rhythmic drums) and repiniques (high piercing drums), and it ends with a really joyous carnival section."

Although Doves had a framework for the tune, the final mix took them by surprise. "That's what it's all about for me," Goodwin explained. "Obviously, we don't want to remake Lost Souls. As much as we like that album, it's time to move on."

The track list for The Last Broadcast, according to Doves' Web site:

  • "Words"

  • "There Goes the Fear"

  • "M62 Song"

  • "Where We're Calling From"

  • "N.Y."

  • "Satellites"

  • "Friday's Dust"

  • "Pounding"

  • "Last Broadcast"

  • "The Sulphur Man"

  • "Caught By the River"