Nelly Furtado Recording With Friends, Writing New LP

With Roots song in the can, songstress plans to team up with Juanes, Jurassic 5, Carlos Santana.

Last week in the Grammy press room, Nelly Furtado revealed that she originally wanted "Sh-- on the Radio (Remember the Days)" to be the first single off her debut album, Whoa, Nelly! Judging by a conversation MTV Radio had with her on Monday, it looks like she'll soon have a lot more sh-- on the radio.

Not only is she collaborating with other marquee acts, she's already written much of her next record, which she hopes to finish by the fall.

Furtado recently recorded a song with the Roots, which will likely surface on their next album, and soon she'll enter the studio with Colombian folk/alternative artist Juanes to record a song called "Fotografias" for his next record. In addition, she's planning to work with alternative rap group Jurassic 5 and may collaborate with Carlos Santana on his next record.

"I've always had an open mentality with music. Music is inanimate and beautiful. You can make anything happen as long as you're passionate and you don't close your mind," said Furtado, who last year surprised listeners by recruiting Timbaland to remix her single "Turn off the Light" and by appearing on a remix of Missy Elliott's "Get Ur Freak On." "I got into hip-hop by chance, just because there were no other kids making music in the city. And that's how I fell into it. And whatever you can find, you gotta pursue."

Over the next few months, Furtado will continue to pursue her connection with Timbaland, who is using samples from her "Baby Girl" in the song "Ching, Ching, Ching" by Miss Jade, a female rapper signed to his and Elliott's Beat Club label.

As much as she loves collaborations, Furtado's top priority is getting back in the studio to work on her second album, which she'd like to have in stores by next spring. For months now, she's been writing for the disc, which she says will be musically "more advanced" than Whoa, Nelly!

"It's still gonna be alternative pop music, but it's gonna have a world edge to it," she said. "It's gonna be international-sounding, and I'm gonna try to be raising the bar. Basically, we're just gonna continue to do what we did last time, which is to not care about the outside world and just [care about] what we want to hear."

She said she'll likely position the Grammy she won for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance on her piano to inspire her in the studio. Thrilled though she is about her victory, she's even more excited about her potential to surprise her fans and herself.

"Anything could happen at this point," she exclaimed. "I could walk into the studio with Missy and we could be like, 'All right, this is gonna be the next single.' Or I could just meet somebody one day and we could make magic. It's so unpredictable. That's why I love music."