Evan And Jaron Soldier On With New LP After Producer Stolen By Virgin

Brothers have written at least enough songs for the follow-up to their self-titled album, are continuing to write more.

HOLLYWOOD — Bands often have to compete with other bands when lining up producers. Evan and Jaron had to compete with an entire record label.

Needless to say, they lost.

"We had Matt Serletic [Matchbox Twenty, Collective Soul] to produce our

record, but he is now the new chairman and CEO of Virgin, so our gig is kind

of out," Jaron said last week at the Love Rocks concert to honor U2 singer

Bono (see "Bono Smooched By Clinton, Cruise, Carmen Electra At 'Love Rocks'

Love Fest"). "So we're looking for producers now. We may produce it ourselves now. We're not sure. If we can get it out by the end of the year, that would be fantastic."

The Atlanta-born Lowenstein brothers have written at least enough songs for

the follow-up to their 2000 self-titled album, and are continuing to write


"We're ready to go," Jaron said. "We're trying to start a residency out here

in L.A. so we can play some of the new songs and have fun. We can't go too

long without playing."

Evan and Jaron featured appearances by Fleetwood Mac drummer Mick

Fleetwood and Medeski Martin & Wood keyboardist John Medeski, along with a

song co-written by Semisonic's Dan Wilson (see "Evan And Jaron Go Girl

'Crazy' For New Single, Album").

Last week the duo were nominated for a Gibson Guitar Award for Best

Acoustic Guitarist, which Jaron said made up for not getting a Grammy nod.

"We were a vote or two away ... from the bottom," Evan joked. "We might go

as seat fillers."