EDO.G Had His Eye On Bin Laden A Long Time Ago

Rapper rhymes about bin Laden, churns out political album art for The Truth Hurts.

Veteran rapper EDO.G released his third album, The Truth Hurts, to little

fanfare last year. Anyone with a copy of the 14-cut collection, though, will

find a certain lyric on the song "Too Much To Live Fo' " particularly

striking. On the Rich 5-produced selection, EDO.G says, "I keep it moving

like Osama bin Laden."

Recorded in 1999, the song arrived in stores via The Truth Hurts in April

2001, months before the September 11 terrorist attacks on New York and

Washington D.C. EDO.G, best known for such thought-provoking tracks as "Be a

Father to Your Child," decided to mention bin Laden because of his previous

relationship with the United States.

"I knew the government was chasing the dude for many years," he said. "A lot of

people just heard about him last year, but I had already known about that

stuff. My thing was everybody was 'Keeping it moving,' but I was keeping it

moving like him. It's really hard to catch somebody like him."

Ironically, The Truth Hurts is EDO.G's least political work to date. The

most striking political message he sends on the follow-up to 1994's Roxbury

02119 comes via the album's cover art, which includes photos of EDO.G at

different stages of his career, as well as a photo of a black man being lynched.

Despite the gains that blacks have made in America since slavery,

highlighting the past reminds Americans of the travesties their country has

committed and continues to commit against people of African descent, EDO.G


"Even though everything's all good and people are making money, I still

wanted to make that statement with the cover," he said. "The truth does

hurt and we haven't forgotten. It's still fresh on my mind because, just

being a black man, you still go through the same crap regardless of whether

you're Puffy or you're the average everyday Joe that's walking down the

street. You'll still get pulled over by the cops."

EDO.G said he will likely inject more political commentary into his next two

recordings. He expects to release an EP in the next few months and plans to

record an album primarily produced by Pete Rock (who produced and appeared

on "Situations" from The Truth Hurts) that he hopes will be released by

the end of 2002.

Working with one producer is something EDO.G thinks hip-hop is missing, as

many artists now simply try to work with the hottest beatmakers.

"I'm trying to get it back in the form of where you had one producer, or

maybe two, producers doing an album instead of getting 100 cats to do

beats," he said. "Ten songs and see you later. I want to make it short and

sweet. I want to bring that essence back where people feel good about an

album from front to back."

Now 31, EDO.G is also looking forward to another goal: running for

mayor of Boston, something he hopes to do within 15 years.

"Jesse the Body got [to be] governor and he was a wrestler. Regardless of your

profession, you still know what the people want. That is the main thing. 

You've got to speak for the people. It's really about them, not about the

politics that go on."