Live Sting LP Shows What Fans Missed When Webcast Was Cut Short

Online broadcast stopped after only one song out of respect for victims of that day's terrorist attacks.

Sting's upcoming live album, All This Time, promises to be more than just an intimate concert performance of some of the singer's biggest hits. It also captures a moment in history, as it was recorded at Sting's Italian villa on September 11, just hours after terrorists attacked the United States.

With an audience of 200 fan club members, contest winners and friends awaiting the performance, Sting and his band hadn't decided whether to proceed with a planned webcast of the show in light of the day's events (see "Sting To Record Intimate Live Album At Italian Villa"), according to his official Web site. Ultimately, it was decided that while an entire webcast would be inappropriate, Sting would perform "Fragile" for the world, then shut the webcast down out of respect for "those who lost their lives and loved ones in this terrible event," the Web site said.

Sting then polled the audience on whether or not to proceed with the rest of the concert. The crowd responded with an overwhelming "yes," and Sting and his band proceeded to play 18 songs, 15 of which are on All This Time. The set list featured a mix of Police songs and Sting solo tracks, including the new song "Dienda."

That version of "Fragile," originally on 1987's Nothing Like the Sun, will be released as a single on October 22, with the album to follow on November 20. December 4 will see the release of a DVD that includes both the concert and documentary footage, his publicist said.

All This Time track list, according to Sting's publicist:

  • "Fragile"

  • "A Thousand Years"

  • "Perfect Love ... Gone Wrong"

  • "All This Time"

  • "The Hounds of Winter"

  • "Don't Stand So Close to Me"

  • "When We Dance"

  • "Dienda"

  • "Roxanne"

  • "If You Love Somebody Set Them Free"

  • "Brand New Day"

  • "Fields of Gold"

  • "Moon Over Bourbon Street"

  • "If I Ever Lose My Faith in You"

  • "Every Breath You Take"