Brandy, Rodney Jerkins Hope To Repeat Chemistry

Producer completes 10 tracks with singer, promises 'a whole new style.'

Although Brandy-producer Rodney Jerkins won't actually be in the clip for the Michael Jackson song he produced, "You Rock My World," he braved Los Angeles traffic and poor parking conditions to support his pal M.J. and visited the set last week. It was the least he could do.

"He took me to a level you wouldn't believe," Jerkins said of the nearly two years he spent working with Jackson on his forthcoming album, Invincible.

"I got a whole new style, not only musically but with my writing," he continued. "A lot of people make beats — they quantize them, where everything is on the beat. I'm not doing that. I do it totally different now. You'll hear it in some of the stuff I do in the future. It ain't like everybody else."

He didn't get too experimental on the four uptempo songs he produced for the upcoming Britney Spears album (see "Britney Writing Songs With Justin For New Album"), but the 24-year-old said Brandy has allowed him to cultivate his new sound on her album. Jerkins said they've been trying to recreate the winning formula that helped her most recent LP, Never Say Never, go multiplatinum.

"Our mission is to do what we did before," explained Jerkins, "by making songs people can listen to melody-wise but get into musically. We're gonna do it again. We have great chemistry."

After having completed 10 tracks with the singer, Jerkins said that Brandy, who has also been in the studio with Babyface and the Neptunes (see "Brandy Finishing Album With Babyface"), is about a month away from completing her album.

"We got this one song called 'I Thought,' it's gonna be her anthem. It's a flip off of 'The Boy Is Mine.' It's hot because it represents that new style I was talking about. We got some sick ballads like 'When You Touch Me' and 'Like This.'

"It shows another side of Brandy's voice," he continued about the untitled project. "Her voice is at a whole other level now. It's gonna shock a lot of people."

Brandy's album is scheduled to drop November 20. The first single hasn't been selected yet.