Eminem Cartoons Jump From Web To Home Video

'The Slim Shady Show' has been airing online at SlimShadyWorld.com.

The characters in Eminem's animated cartoon series "The Slim Shady Show" are no longer confined to the Web — they'll be spiking the punch bowl with Viagra, slapping dudes in the face with their genitals and dissing "Pristina Gaguilera" on DVD and VHS this fall.

Home video versions of the online series will hit stores in November, compiling 70 minutes of previously webcasted episodes, new scenes, behind-the-scenes footage and an interview with Eminem.

The Flash animated cartoon, shown on SlimShadyWorld.com, centers around Slim and his crew of unruly friends. Slim is "the flyest, most self-promoting homeboy in town" who has a "nasty habit of getting everyone else in trouble with his antics," according to a character synopsis. The crew also includes high-school outcast Marshall Mathers III (Eminem's real name), who lives with his aunt in a trailer park.

"The Slim Shady Show" will hit stores November 6 in edited and uncensored versions, with the latter featuring three minutes of footage deleted from the original episodes.