A Happier, 'Sunshining' Juvenile Showcased On Project English

Due Tuesday, album features his Hot Boys crew, shout outs to his old 'hood.

After recently airing dirty family laundry in public, voicing his displeasure with Cash Money Records CEOs Bryan and Ronald Williams (or Baby and Slim, as they go by), Juvenile may be setting up Project English to be his last solo album on the label.

Due Tuesday, the disc features some songs that are a year old, catching the New Orleans MC at a time where things were still all good.

Juvenile proclaims his devotion to Cash Money Records, rapping, "F--- what you heard on the street, it's CMR for life" on the speaker-shaking single "Set It Off."

On "In the Nolia," he switches up the usual rapper MO, singing the verses in his syrupy thick, soulful drawl and rhyming on the chorus. He gives a shout out to the projects he was raised in while describing his struggles and giving a warning to outsiders. "You might get clipped in the Noliaaaaaa," he says. "You might get water whipped in the Noliaaaaaa. N---as is a trip in the Noliaaaaaa."

"Sunshine" finds Mannie Fresh, who produced the entire album, adding Caribbean rhythms to his beat-making arsenal. Over the slithering reggae track, Juvenile and some of the Cash Money Millionaires rhyme about their over-the-top flashiness, unveiling a new term for their flaunting: "sunshining."

One of Cash Money's newest roster additions, TQ, sings the hook to the cinematic "My Life." Lauded for his storytelling ability, Juvenile weaves a tale about getting set up, getting shot and going for revenge.

Meanwhile, the gold-toothed lyricist lets off steam, musically waving his middle finger to back-stabbers on "In Ya Ass." He then humorously observes how a voluptuous girl inherited her mother's bodily assets on "Mamma Got Ass."

Fellow Hot Boys Turk and Lil' Wayne drop lyrics on the remix of "Set It Off," which uses the same beat and also features Baby. Elsewhere, the entire Hot Boys collective — which is working on another record together — is featured on "4 Minutes."

Project English's track listing, according to Universal Records:

  • "Intro — Lets Roll"

  • "Set It Off"

  • "H.B. Headbusta"

  • "4 Minutes" (featuring the Hot Boys)

  • "My Life" (featuring TQ)

  • "Get Your Hustle On" (featuring the Big Tymers)

  • "Sunshine"

  • "Be Gone" (featuring the Big Tymers)

  • "Mamma Got Ass"

  • "They Lied" (featuring the Big Tymers)

  • "White Girl" (featuring Lil' Wayne and Baby)

  • "In Ya Ass"

  • "Set It Off (The Remix)" (featuring Lil' Wayne, Baby and Turk)

  • "In the Nolia"

  • "What You Scared 4" (featuring Lil' Wayne)

  • "Outro — Let's Go"