Juvenile Shut Down In Tennessee For Using Profanity

Promoter pulls plug on rapper's concert, no refunds issued.

His name may mean "suitable for children or young people" (see Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary), but Juvenile's profanity-laced concerts are not

meant for kids, according to a Jackson, Tennessee, promoter who pulled

the plug on the rapper Wednesday.

Juvenile was just 10 minutes into his headlining set at the Carl Perkins

Civic Center when Mose Burton decided the New Orleans star was not toning

down his show as promised.

"When I came in from the office, it got really nasty," Burton told the

Associated Press. "I told the sound man to cut the music and we

cleared the house. The show was over."

About 500 people paid $20-$25 to attend the show, which featured nine

other acts, including Billy Cook, Young Buck, Corey C, Skip and Wacko.

Refunds were not given.

The venue allowed children into the show if an adult accompanied them.

"We do not usually have rap," Burton told the AP. "We haven't had one in

11 years. I said I'd try it if it is clean. I told them I would pull the

plug if it wasn't. I take full responsibility."

However, there was no written contract involving explicit language, Burton

told The Jackson Sun.

"[Juvenile] was not told it was a clean show, and I wasn't told it was a

clean show," Albert Williams, a member of the rapper's traveling entourage,

told the Jackson paper. "He's a rap artist. Most of his songs have explicit

lyrics. When you book Juvenile, you know what you're going to get. People

came to see Juvenile, not PG Juvenile."

Juvenile, who scored with the singles "Back That Azz Up" and "Ha" from

1998's multi-platinum 400 Degreez, is currently promoting his latest

album, Project English.