Lance 'Un' Rivera Quietly Begins Releasing Music Again

For My Family, the debut album from Philly rhyme duo Dutch and Spade, to arrive in August.

Out of the public eye since being stabbed, allegedly by Jay-Z, in December 1999, Untertainment Records CEO Lance "Un" Rivera has begun to release music again.

Un — who took a hands-off approach to his company's most recent release, last year's S.D.E. by Cam'Ron — has secured his third label deal in six years, this time with Interscope. The Brooklyn native — who also runs the Undeas label as a joint venture with Atlantic — plans to drop For My Family, the debut album from Philly rhyme duo Dutch and Spade, in August.

For My Family, according to an Untertainment spokesperson, features guest appearances by Ruff Ryders Eve and Styles, along with Detroit Diamond, who has signed a record deal with fashion designer Maurice Malone. Gilly the Kid, who appeared with Dutch and Spade as part of the seven-person Major Figgas collective on Figgas 4 Life last summer, cameos on the album as well.

Untertainment has already released one of the album's tracks, "If You Want It," to get a street buzz going. The first official single will be "Get It Right," which features Ludacris and was produced by Clark Kent. Rockwilder and Digga, who produced most of S.D.E., also checked in behind the boards for the album.

Cam'Ron, Untertainment's first artist, had his contract turned over to Epic following the release of S.D.E. as compensation for Un switching from Epic to Interscope. Another Untertainment artist, Charlie Baltimore, recorded at least two albums' worth of material for that never saw the light of day and is no longer with the label.

Untertainment's spokesperson said the label is in the process of adding to its roster.