Michael Stipe Pops Up On Kool G Rap, Utah Saints Albums

R.E.M. frontman sings chorus for Kool G, calls it in for Saints.

At his rate of working with one rapper every decade, rock singer Michael Stipe certainly won't be taking money from hip-hop hook king Nate Dogg anytime soon.

However, according to Rawkus Records, legendary MC Kool G Rap recently called on the R.E.M. frontman to sing the chorus on "Called Onez," which will appear Kool's Giacana Story, due in July.

Ten years ago it was Stipe asking for helping hand from a member of the hip-hop community, as KRS-One lent his famed lyrical skills to "Radio Song" on R.E.M.'s Out of Time.

Stipe hasn't just been helping out b-boys lately. Making the most of his free time before R.E.M.'s Reveal drops next week, he also donated his voice to British dance duo Utah Saints for their album Two, due July 30.

According to a spokesperson from the Nettwerk Productions label, the Utah Saints appearance won't be as conventional as his cameo with G Rap. The group is using snippets from an hour-long phone conversation between Stipe and Saints member Jez Willis as four interludes, titled "Sun," "Punk Club," Rhinoceros" and "Wiggedy Wack."