Ozzy Osbourne's Manager/Wife Recants Stereophrenzy

Sharon Osbourne apologizes for angry outburst over Donington booking.

It could have turned into the most infamous battle royal since the Rock took on Stone Cold, but Ozzy Osbourne's wife and manager, Sharon Osbourne, has apologized to British group Stereophonics for calling them the "Stereo-whatever-the-f----they're-called."

In a May 5 article on British music tabloid NME's Web site, Osbourne complained that Stereophonics booked a show at Donington Park, and had "a clause in their f---ing contract preventing anyone else from playing there this summer." Ozzfest was thus unable to reclaim Donington, which Ozzy hasn't played since 1996, as the "home of metal."

Throughout the early 1990s, Donington was the site of a

yearly music festival that featured metal and hard-rock bands including Metallica, Fear Factory, Kiss, Slayer and White Zombie.

Representatives for Stereophonics could not be reached for


In a letter of apology sent to NME, Osbourne referred to herself as the "Queen of Evil" with a "big f---ing mouth and a crass attitude." She then referred to the Stereophonics with a slightly more complimentary use of the f-word, calling them one of the "greatest bands in the world."

In a post-script to this piece of heavy-metal diplomacy, Osbourne said, "After Ozzy heard what had happened I had to go to the hospital to have his foot taken out of my ass."

Osbourne's publicist had no comment. Ozzfest will hit Milton Keynes on May 26, while Stereophonics play Donington on July 14.

No word yet on whether the RIAA plans to begin putting parental-advisory stickers on managers.