BT, William Orbit Remix Sarah McLachlan

Sarah McLachlan Remixed to be released in Canada late next month.

Electronic artists BT and William Orbit have pried Sarah McLachlan off her piano bench and put her on a dance floor for Sarah McLachlan Remixed, due late next month.

But you'll have to cross the border to get it.

The Canada-only release from Nettwerk Productions also features remixes of McLachlan's songs by DJ Tiësto, Hybrid, Dusted (Rollo of Faithless), Fade and Rabbit in the Moon.

The Canadian singer/songwriter's manager, Terry McBride, said he did not ask her U.S. label, Arista, to release the project, citing the same reason he did not request a U.S. release for McLachlan's 1996 Rarities, B-Sides and Other Stuff collection: "It doesn't make sense."

"It's not a mainstream U.S. release. She's not going to release singles from it or tour behind it. I don't want any confusion. It's made for the dance floor."

However, McBride said the remixed tracks will be used to promote McLachlan's next studio album in the U.S., where they'll be offered as bonus singles when the studio LP is purchased through certain retailers. The remix tracks may also be used as B-sides. Songs from Rarities were similarly used to promote McLachlan's 1997 LP, Surfacing.

McLachlan is recording her as-yet-untitled fifth album with longtime collaborator/producer Pierre Marchand. McBride said the album will hit stores sometime in the next year.

In the meantime, U.S. fans can get Sarah McLachlan Remixed via Nettwerk's Web site, Canadian online music retailers and record stores that carry imports.

McBride said McLachlan is considering releasing a single from Remixed in the U.K., where she has yet to achieve the success she's had in the States.

Though five of the mixes have been previously released, the four new tracks are: "Angel (Dusted Remix)," "Hold On (BT Mix)," "Fear (Hybrid's Super Collider Mix)" and "Plenty (Fade Mix)." The album will be available on CD and vinyl, while a double 12-inch single will include the four new mixes.

Sarah McLachlan Remixed also includes: "Sweet Surrender (DJ Tiësto Mix)," "I Love You (BT Mix)," "Silence (DJ Tiësto's in Search of Sunrise Remix)," "Black (William Orbit Mix)" and "Possession (Rabbit in the Moon Mix)."