Black Crowes Disc To Unlock Online Vault Of Live Recordings

Fans who purchase Lions will have access to streaming, downloadable concert tracks.

You want live shows with that?

Via a secure Web site, the Black Crowes are serving up a supersized side order of concert recordings with their new album, Lions.

Fans who purchase the album, due May 8, will gain access to a site that features numerous streaming versions of recent concerts by the Black Crowes, as well as downloadable live tracks, according to the band's publicist.

The concerts available online will likely include material from the Crowes' upcoming tour with Oasis, which will begin May 11 in Las Vegas.

Lions — touted as a hard-rocking return to the band's roots — is expected to include the tracks "Midnight From the Inside Out," "Lickin'," "Greasy Grass River" and "Young Man, Old Man" (see "Black Crowes Nest In N.Y. Club For Lions Party").

The Crowes have long encouraged fans to record and trade their live shows.