Eagles Will Work On New Album After Summer Tour, Henley Says

Band will trek across Russia, Europe, then begin writing for first studio LP since 1979's The Long Run, drummer/singer says.

Don Henley, the Eagles drummer/singer who is speaking out against what he considers the unfair business practices of the Big Five record labels, says his band will very likely head into the studio after a summer tour of Europe and Russia.

But he added that no one should expect the first full-length Eagles studio album since 1979's The Long Run anytime soon.

"Right now, we've got definite plans to tour Russia and Europe this June and July," he said Thursday. "We have plans to record perhaps in the fall, but before you can record, you have to have songs. There has to be a lot of songwriting.

"We'll start writing after the tour and take it from there," he continued. "We're taking it one step at a time. People shouldn't expect a new Eagles album this year, or maybe not even next year."

Because of litigation, Henley did not address the matter of ex-Eagles guitarist Don Felder, who is suing the band for wrongful termination. Felder had been a one-third partner, alongside Henley and guitarist/singer Glenn Frey, in Eagles Ltd, the band's business entity.

After the band — which now includes Henley, Frey, guitarist/singer Joe Walsh and bassist/singer Timothy B. Schmit — returns from Europe, the Eagles will play their only scheduled U.S. date of 2001 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas on July 28.