Slick Rick, Motörhead Pitch In For WWF Collection

Fed packs punch with old-school metal, rap acts on WWF the Music Vol. 5.

Backyard wrestlers, rejoice.

WWF the Music Vol. 5 will bring with it a fresh armload of wrestling star entrance themes when it arrives on February 20, and this time the Fed is packing its punch with contributions from Motörhead and Slick Rick.

After swiftly striking platinum with nothing but entrance themes on 1999's WWF the Music Vol. 4, the WWF paired up Motörhead and Slick Rick with two of its biggest stars — Triple H and The Rock, respectively — for Vol. 5.

Motörhead musically accompanies Triple H to the ring each week with "The Game"; that track turns up on Vol. 5, as does Slick Rick's collaboration with The Rock. The old-school icon and the WWF superstar team up on "Pie," The Rock's return to the hip-hop ring after being heard on Wyclef Jean's "It Doesn't Matter."

Beyond those new offerings, the collection boasts a string of well-known (at least to wrestling fans) but previously unreleased entrance music for stars such as Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Chyna, Tazz and others.

The complete track listing for WWF the Music Vol. 5:

  • "The Game" (Triple H's theme) - Motörhead

  • "Rowdy" (K-Kwik's theme)

  • "If You Dare" (Tazz's theme)

  • "It Just Feels Right" (Lita's theme)

  • "Out of the Fire" (Kane's theme)

  • "Latino Heat" (Eddie Guerrero's theme)

  • "I've Got It All" (Billy Gunn's theme)

  • "What About Me?" (Raven's theme)

  • "Who I Am" (Chyna's theme)

  • "Medal" (Kurt Angle's theme)

  • "Bad Man" (Rikishi's theme)

  • "Shooter" (Chris Benoit's theme)

  • "Turn It Up" (Too Cool's theme)

  • "Pie" - The Rock, with guest vocalist Slick Rick