Marcy Playground Planning New Album

Singer/guitarist John Wozniak, bassist Dylan Keefe to start demo-ing new tunes in Wozniak's studio at end of month.

Not only have Marcy Playground not broken up, says bandleader John Wozniak, but they're about to start recording another album.

Wozniak and bassist Dylan Keefe, however, will be looking for another drummer, thanks to Dan Reiser's pending retirement from the music business in favor of "a normal life."

The band is scheduled to head into the singer/guitarist's Vancouver, British Columbia, studio January 28 to start demo-ing a spate of new tunes, including material he recently co-wrote with Jimmie's Chicken Shack's namesake Jimi HaHa, according to Wozniak.

"We just wrote three together," Wozniak said. "He came to my place in Pennsylvania. He lives in Annapolis [Maryland], and that's not too far away."

Wozniak added that he has also been writing with old friend Chris Temple of the defunct band Lincoln, and that much of that material will also probably be on Marcy Playground's next album.

The "Sex and Candy" band is currently without a label after parting ways with Capitol after its 1999 sophomore album, Shapeshifter, but that doesn't worry Wozniak. Unlike most groups, they don't need the support of a record company to buy studio time, thanks to Wozniak's ownership of Mushroom, which he bought two years ago. The facility in the past has recorded albums for the likes of Heart and Fear Factory, while recent projects have included the current Spineshank album and tracks for Chris Isaak.