Radiohead Plan Singles, Videos For Amnesiac, Yorke Says

In Web site post, singer says band 'felt pretty sad' about absence of Kid A songs from radio, describes unreleased footage.

When Radiohead release their next album, Amnesiac, later this year, fans can expect to see the band revert to the usual music industry practice of issuing singles and videos.

Singer Thom Yorke expressed regret in a recent post on one of the band's official Web sites that the group had opted not to go that route with Kid A when the album was released last October. The experimental, atmospheric album debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 despite the absence of videos or singles to support it.

"We all felt pretty sad that there wasn't any singles on the radio in a way for Kid A in retrospect," read the post, which Radiohead's publicists confirmed was Yorke's. "It meant the only judgment of our music was being made too much by critics' opinions, which was OK and everything but there is nothing like the excitement of hearing [songs] on the radio."

The Kid A decision was not related to artistic credibility, but was made to "avoid the normal giant cogs turning and crushing," Yorke said in the post.

"It was just the stress of getting into that area at the time was too much," Yorke said. "You have to remember that coming back into the lion's den was not easy, especially for me personally. It meant bringing back ghosts that made me shut down in the first place.

"With the next one we are definitely having singles, videos, glossy magazine celebrity photo shoots, children's television appearances, film premiere appearances, dance routines, and many interesting interviews about my tortured existence."

The post was in a section of that recently saw bandmembers answer an array of 30 new questions from fans and journalists.

Yorke also described unreleased video clips and "weird live footage" for Kid A in his post. Referring to them as "the best pieces of video they've ever made," Yorke described the footage as a half-hour's worth of short films and "a full-length video for 'Motion Picture Soundtrack' which has me in tears every single time I watch it."

The singer also alluded to a digitized "f---ked up" live version of their song "Idioteque" and "incredibly daft sperm monsters jumping into a pool of blood."

Meanwhile, more details are surfacing regarding the release of Amnesiac (see "Radiohead Announce Plans For New Album"), which, according to a recent Australian radio interview with guitarist Ed O'Brien, is expected out in June.

The first track on the album, the band's fifth, is an upbeat song called "Po Pad," O'Brien said. The guitarist also said an older song called "Living in a Glass House" set for the album features a guest appearance by 79-year-old U.K. traditional jazz trumpeter Humphrey Lyttleton.

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