Whodini To Perform For Census Awareness

Whodini, the rap trio behind classic rap singles "Friends," "Big Mouth," and "Freaks Come Out At Night," will be performing at Detroit's State Theater on Sunday, May 28 to help increase local awareness of Census 2000.

Lt. Dre of Detroit radio station WDTJ-FM, which is sponsoring the concert, told MTV News that the group is headlining an event called "The Superparty" and that LaFace Records artist Sam Salter is also on the bill. WDTJ will be broadcasting the show live beginning at 10 p.m. that evening.

The concert is part of the radio station's drive to increase public awareness of Census 2000 in Detroit, which is now in its non-response follow-up phase.

Prior to their appearance onstage, the veteran rappers will appear at a local McDonald's restaurant (at 14124 Woodward Avenue) to shake hands, sign autographs, and further promote public participation in Census 2000.