Vertical Horizon Films "God" Clip, Talks Tour

Vertical Horizon will officially kick off the "Red Summer Sun" tour with Third Eye Blind on July 7 in St. Paul, Minnesota, and the band recently shot a video for its next single, "You're A God."

The video is set in a small Southern town and features former "Beverly Hills 90210" actress Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, who plays a self-consumed girl on the day of her beauty pageant.

The clip for "You're A God" is expected to hit the air in mid-July, by which time Vertical Horizon will be well into its summer outing, which will keep the group on the road through mid-September.

Vertical Horizon bassist Sean Hurley recently explained to the MTV Radio Network about its decision to continue touring in support of its "Everything You Want" album, which was released in June 1999, rather than take a few months off and begin demoing new material.

"Really, we're brand new to a lot of people," Hurley said, "so we don't want to say, 'Oh yeah, we're a little tired. We've been doing this for a year, so we're going to do a new album.' That time is not right. The time is right to put out more singles."

"'Everything You Want' is really the second single," he continued. "We're going to do two or three more, hopefully get through the next year, and just make videos. [Our plan is to] get a greater awareness for us with things like the Third Eye Blind tour and just try to grow as big as we can, and do it in a sane way. Then, when we're satisfied with that and we're ready, we'll go in the studio and do something else." [RealAudio]

On July 4, Vertical Horizon will play Muskegon, Michigan's Summer Celebration concert.