Travis Taps Nigel Dick For New "Turn" Video

Continuing its musical assault on the American scene, the U.K.'s Travis plans to take a break from its current tour next week in order to shoot a new video for the band's "Turn" single with acclaimed director Nigel Dick.

Travis and Nigel Dick will huddle in Toronto on September 11 and 12 to film the "Turn" clip, which will actually be the second time the band has shot a video for the track. An earlier "Turn" clip directed by Ringan Ledwidge in September 1999 featured frontman Fran Healy doing endurance push-ups and was used to promote the song in Europe.

The band recently spoke with MTV News about its reasons for shooting another "Turn" video, a move Travis hopes will produce a clip that is a little more palatable for American audiences than the original.

"I think [the first 'Turn' video] looks very British," explained bassist Dougie Payne, "and I think that could kind of alienate

a few people. Because [the images are all] like big tower blocks and London houses, and it's very, very British, very London. [Doing a new video] just makes things kind of more accessible."

"I think it's that thing where a lot of British bands will make a video there," added Healy, "and then come over here and American audiences are like, 'What? What does it mean? It doesn't make sense. It's not got a middle bit. C'mon, have a point.' But I'm kind of happy that we're making another video. I like making videos." [RealVideo]

"At least we've got a good treatment as well," Payne said, "so it should be a nice piece of work anyway."

Filming a video with Dick will also bring Travis full circle with its cover of Britney Spears' "...Baby One More Time" that's included on the "Turn" single, as the director shot four of Spears' videos, including the one for "...Baby."

"We went looking for [Nigel Dick]," Healy said. "He knows the band because he used to work with our record company guy in Britain, like 10, 15, 16 years ago, then he came over here and became a video director.

"He's aware of the band and really likes the band, so we grabbed him and said, 'Would you do it?' And he was like, 'Let's hear the song,' and he loved it. We're going to shoot it in Toronto, and you'll have it in two weeks."

Travis' tour is set to roll into Boston and Montreal over the weekend (see "Travis Sets North American Tour, Talks Next LP").