They Might Be Giants Go The MP3 Route With GoodNoise

Perhaps the only surprising element of They Might Be Giants' newly announced deal with Internet music distributor GoodNoise is that it didn't happen sooner.

The forward-thinking band, who have been making their music available on their website for some time (and before that over the phone), has inked a deal with GoodNoise that allows the site to offer MP3 versions of two new compilations, "Giants Jubilee" and "Mightathon."

Both collections feature rarities previously made available on the expansive 1997 TMBG release "Then: The Earlier Years," and users can purchase and download the albums in their entirety or select individual tracks.

GoodNoise is also making MP3 versions of three previously released TMBG albums available: "They Might Be Giants," "Lincoln," and "Miscellaneous T." The site, which can be found at, is also promising to have 15 previously unreleased tracks from the band

available in the coming months.

"Our MP3 release will collect a lot of Dial-A-Song recordings, and preview some of our upcoming album material as well as find a home for some of the wilder songs." They Might Be Giants' John Flansburgh said in a release trumpeting the deal.

"They Might Be Giants," "Lincoln," "Miscellaneous T," and the two new compilations, "Giants Jubilee" and "Mightathon," are all available now at