Texas Takes New Video To The Third Dimension

It's been almost ten years since Texas first made a splash in the U.S. with the slide guitar-laced single "I Don't Want a Lover." After switching American labels just prior to the recent Universal-Polygram merger, the Scottish group is now making another big push for fame here in the States with a new album, "The Hush," and a sparkling new single, "In Our Lifetime."

The innovative video for "In Our Lifetime" [RealVideo] recently debuted here in the U.S. and is drawing notice for some eye-popping effects that make it seem as though Texas lead singer Sharleen Spiteri is flickering in and out of 3-D.

Spiteri tells MTV that the band decided to work with the clip's director only after he demonstrated the kind of dimensional "morphing" concept he wanted to use in the video.

''We worked with a guy called Phillipe Andre," Spiteri said.


French. We used this new video technique that basically had never been used before [in a music video]. In the film, you'll see a [flat] shot like a normal video, and then you'll see one shot, like a set of stairs, and then I'll actually go into the stairs and become flat. Then I'll pop back out like it's 3-D."

"It's quite strange,"Spiteri said of the video's visuals. "They almost flip the film over, like they twist the film when they're doing the edits. It's all done on the computer and it's really good. But that's why we decided to do the video, because Phillipe had showed us this new technique he found. So we decided to try it out." [RealAudio]

Texas is scheduled to tape a performance of "In Our Lifetime" for the "Late Show with David Letterman" on June 7 and is currently mapping out

plans for a U.S. tour.