Sugar Ray Toils Away On New Album

Sugar Ray fans, take heart.

The band is in the midst of writing the follow-up to its double platinum LP "14:59" and is looking to work once again with producer David Kahne.

Although the guys have yet to settle on a title for the album, singer and heartthrob Mark McGrath said that they've thrown out a couple of names, one of which has sort of stuck.

"We have a working title, but it won't be the title.... We call it 'Aunt Balls Uncle' because if my aunt had balls, she'd be my uncle," McGrath explained. "You know, you have working titles that are so stupid... I couldn't even tell you the song names because they're so dumb."

While titles remain hazy, McGrath said that fans can expect the band to tinker at least a little bit with its signature sound.

"You're going to hear stuff like what we've been doing. We're not

trying to rewrite the wheel, but we're trying to," McGrath said. "I think we're throwing in a little more '80s this time. I think the '80s was neglected. [It'll have] a little more Duran Duran.... No, but we're messing around with different styles." [RealVideo]

Sugar Ray's fourth album is slated to hit stores this fall.