Stereophonics On Shedding Mother Love Bone-Inspired Name

The Welsh trio known as Stereophonics returns to American stores this week with its second album, "Performance & Cocktails," which has already spawned four singles and sold over 600,000 copies in the U.K.

Vocalist-guitarist Kelly Jones, bassist Richard Jones (no relation), and drummer Stuart Cable have been together since 1991, and the band was originally called Tragic Love Company, a name pieced together from the groups Tragically Hip, Mother Love Bone, and Bad Company.

The band changed its name to Stereophonics back in 1996 -- around the same time the group became the first signing to Richard Branson's new label, V2 Records -- but as Cable told MTV News, the trio had already realized that its original moniker had to go.

"We sent [a promoter] a demo tape," Cable said, "and he phoned me up and just said, 'The songs are absolutely great, but your name is absolutely terrible.' So, I [told him] 'Thanks a lot.' We thought it was a really good name, but then we sat down and discussed it and decided it was a really bad name."

interjected Kelly Jones.

"Then we had Stereophonics," he continued. "We were just searching for a name, and my mother and father had this old radio gramophone at home which played the old 78 record. It just had this label, Falcon Stereophonic [written on it]. So, I mentioned it to the boys, and they [took to it] pretty well, and here we are." [RealVideo]

Stereophonics has released "Pick a Part That's New" as the first American single from "Performance & Cocktails," and the group has already planned to shoot a video for its fifth U.K. single, "Hurry Up and Wait," while on tour this week in Australia.

After touring Australia with The Living End, the band plans to return to the U.S. to open for the Verve Pipe and Our Lady Peace on separate road stints in