Stereolab Offers Up Computer-Generated "Dots And Loops"

October 2 [10:00 EDT] -- Stereolab, the French/English trance rock outfit that counts Pearl Jam among its biggest fans, is back with a new album and few new production tips.

The group's latest effort, "Dots And Loops," is basically comprised of songs the band never played in their entirety. Instead, Stereolab recorded riffs, rhythms and vocals on a computer hard drive, and then let the computer generate the finished songs digitally.

"It was recorded onto hard disk, for most of it," Stereolab's Laetitia Sadier told MTV News. "The fundamentals of hard disk recording, is that you only record a little bit which you then paste over and over, and you compose your song like that so." [800k QuickTime]

Tim Gane added, "At the end of it when you recorded all these parts you just don't know if they're going to fit. You don't know what it's going to sound like, and with us, that's a good thing, because I

like to hear music as if someone else recorded it really. The end result is a surprise." [500k Quicktime]

Next month Stereolab will launch a U.S. tour, playing "Miss Modular" [300k Audio File] and other songs off "Dots And Loops" live as a band, for the first time.