Spice Girls' Bogus Gig; The Girls on Film

July 23 [18:30 EDT] -- The Spice Girls will be touring next year, as we reported yesterday, but they definitely will NOT be playing Hawaii later this month, as a bogus concert promoter had some people believing.

According to the Hilo, Hawaii Tribune Herald, hundreds of people in that area paid $25-$40 for tickets to a fictitious July 29th Spice Girls show -- apparently the figment of ex-con Akram Abdulla-Wasi's imagination. Abdulla-Wasi allegedly sold the fake tickets at local record stores and even at the box office of the Afook-Chinen Civic Center. He was arrested when he returned to the Island to collect the money.

Believe it or not, Abdulla-Wasi reportedly intended to use the money from the scam to finance a sex-change operation and a nose job.

You can count on seeing the Spice Girls when they play the MTV Video Music Awards September 4th, and they are, in fact, now shooting their first movie, titled, "Spice," back home in England. The movie is said to be the

Spice Girls' update of the Beatles' "Hard Day's Night." It's due out next winter.

If you live in the U.K., it's likely you'll also see the Spice Girls on television, in an advertisement for potato chips, or "crisps." But you won't see the commercial before six in the evening. The ad has been deemed too saucy for day-time television.