Soul Coughing Explains Its Drum N' Bass Flourishes

From its name, lifted from a poem about Neil Young throwing up, to its neo-funk meets the Beat generation sound, Soul Coughing has never shied from flaunting its unusual approach to life.

The band is back in record racks this week with "El Oso," the latest in the band's fine tradition of non-conformism. This time out, the band slams the distinctive streaming lyrical flow of frontman M. Doughty up against a sprinkling of drum n' bass flavor.

"What I write," Doughty told MTV News, "I generally try and do melodies on the happier end of the spectrum and lyrics on sort of the more fear-oriented, worry-oriented, anguish-oriented, anxiety-oriented realm of [things] while the music lives in the realm of light, shall we say."

"Although I'm sure a couple of people in the band," added drummer Yuval Gabay, " [such

as] bass player Sebastian [Steinberg] and [programmer] Mark [de Gil Antoni], would be like, 'What are you saying? My s**t is not dark!'" [28.8 RealVideo]

Soul Coughing's "El Oso" is also available on vinyl for the sentimental audiophiles among us.