M. Doughty Talks Solo Plans With BT

It's been almost a month since Soul Coughing officially announced its decision to break up after only three albums, the last of which was 1998's "El Oso," which spawned the alternative hit, "Circles."

Despite the split (see "Soul Coughing Calls It A Day") former frontman and part-time "NY Press" columnist M. Doughty is already hard at work on his first solo album with dance producer Brian Transeau -- best known as just BT, the ex-member of Deep Dish who remixed Tori Amos' "Blue Skies" into a club hit a few years back.

Doughty originally hooked up with BT to cut vocals for a track called "Never Gonna Come Back Down," a song that will appear on BT's next album, "Movement In Still Life," due out on Nettwerk America on June 6.

The collaboration went so well that BT and Doughty recorded another track, titled "The Heat And The Hate," and the two plan to cut several more tunes together for Doughty's solo project,

which he hopes to have out sometime next year.

MTV News caught up with Doughty and BT at last month's Winter Music Conference in Miami, and the duo talked about the sweltering cut.

"'The Heat And The Hate,' which is the track that me and BT did," Doughty began, "it comes from this story that a friend of mine [told me] who grew up in Florida. He and a pal would get together, and he had this minivan, and they'd get in the minivan and would start puttin' sweaters on.

"They'd each have like five sweaters and two winter coats and several pairs of pants," he continued, "and it'd be so hot that they'd drive to the beach, and it'd take half an hour, an hour to get there."

"With the heat on," BT added.

"With the heat blasting," Doughty said, "and they'd be [sizzling]. When they got

to the beach, they'd throw off all their clothes, and the Florida air would suddenly seem really temperate and pleasant."

"And they'd jump in the ocean," [RealVideo] BT concluded.

Doughty also offered his final take on the slow dissolution of Soul Coughing, the band he helped form in New York City in 1993 with bassist Sebastian Steinberg, keyboardist Mark De Gli Antoni, and drummer Yuval Gabay.

"Well, Soul Coughing broke up pretty much because Mark, the keyboard player, he has a kid, and he's very into the having-a-kid scene," Doughty said. "So it sort of looked like he wanted to stay at home, and it really didn't make a whole lot of sense to go on without the band.

"'Cause it was all about the interaction, and if you remove one element, it's just not the same. We couldn't

just replace the

guy. Plus, everyone's doing all kinds of different stuff, all kinds of junk, so everyone was just interested in their own stuff.

"It wasn't really so much that the band broke up as we sort of looked up and went, 'Well, we're really not a band anymore.'" [RealVideo]

Doughty and the rest of the former members of Soul Coughing are all still under contract to the band's original label, Slash Records.