Snot's Lynn Strait Dies In Car Crash

Lynn Strait, lead singer of the band Snot, has died in a car accident in California.

The California Highway Patrol reports that the singer was en route from his home in Santa Barbara, Calif., to Los Angeles early Friday afternoon when he was involved in six-vehicle crash on a freeway exit ramp. Also killed was the band's mascot, Dobbs, Strait's dog who adorned the cover of Snot's debut album for Geffen, 1997's "Get Some."

Also injured in the accident was another driver, David Redderson, who was treated at Saint Francis Hospital in Santa Barbara and then released.

Snot, a funk, punk and metal hybrid, got a major break when they were signed played Ozzfest 98 this year. Most recently they had been at work recording a second album, and had completed 10 songs for the sophomore effort.

The label reports that all new recording has been postponed indefinitely, and guitarist Mikey Doling told MTV News that the band would no longer continue as Snot, but was considering releasing

a live album.

"We can't go on without Lynn," Doling said, "it's just bullshit when bands do that."

In a statement released by Snot, the band spoke about the unique chemistry Strait brought to the group:

"Lynn just seemed to have this special energy, that no matter who was in the room, all these legends that we were touring with, they came second to Lynn's vibration. We wish more of the world could have experienced him. We cannot seem to explain that quality that he had in words. All the memories that we had with Lynn we will cherish in our hearts forever."

Strait made headlines during Ozzfest when he was arrested for indecent exposure after an incident onstage in Mansfield, Massachusettes, during Limp Bizkit's set. On a dare from Bizkit's Fred Durst, Strait had jumped out naked from that band's giant toilet prop and appeared to receive oral sex from a dominatrix character who performs as part of their show. He was originally charged with a misdemeanor but that was later

raised to a felony. He was due to appear in court in January ( see "Snot Singer Charged With Indecent Exposure"). Strait had previously spent time in jail on drug and burglary convictions.

Strait had quite the sense of humor. According to a Metal Edge Editor Gerri Miller, he listed his band's name as "Megadeth" on the police report.

A cybercast of one of Snot's Ozzfest performances is scheduled for December 23 at 9:00 PM EST at

In lieu of flowers, Strait's family is requesting that those who want to remember the singer make donations to the Sweet Relief organization at:

Sweet Relief In Memory of Lynn Strait
PO Box 3966
Los Angeles, CA 90039

The funeral for Strait is currently scheduled for December 16 at 3 p.m. and will be open to the public, as the family has extended an invitation for fans to come and pay their respects to the late


The address for Strait's funeral ceremony:

Old Mission
2201 Laguna Street (at the intersection of Mission Canyon Road)
Santa Barbara, CA 93105