Snot Fans Plan To Make Chart Noise To Mark Late Singer's Birthday

August 7 would have marked the 31st birthday of Snot frontman Lynn Strait, who died in a car accident last December, and fans are trying to pull off a fitting tribute to mark the occasion.

A move initiated by and picked up by the official Soulfly Web site (at calls for fans to head to retailers on August 7 to buy copies of the band's 1997 debut "Get Some." The goal is to get as many people as possible to buy as many copies of the album as possible to make one big chart impression in memory of Strait.

Strait died in a six-car accident on a freeway exit ramp while driving from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles on December 12.

After releasing its debut album, Snot had seen its audience swell after landing a slot on last year's Ozzfest tour. At the time of his death, Strait's band had finished recording 10 tracks for its sophomore effort and had also recorded a good deal of live material. Fans hope that making a bold chart statement will not only honor

Strait, but will also entice a record label into releasing some of this material.