Snoop Dogg To Roll "Bones," Plans "Greatest Hits" LP

After lingering in pre-production for almost a year and a half, rapper Snoop Dogg is finally set to start shooting his new feature film, "Bones," with director Ernest Dickerson in Vancouver, British Columbia later this month.

Pam Grier, the '70s star whose career was revived after a starring turn in Quentin Tarantino's 1997 movie, "Jackie Brown," will star in "Bones" opposite Snoop Dogg, according to "The Hollywood Reporter."

Produced by New Line Cinema, the plot of "Bones" combines elements of both "The Crow" and "Ghost," as Snoop will portray a ghost who returns from the grave after 20 years in order to take revenge on those who killed him and destroyed his neighborhood.

Grier has been cast as a clairvoyant who was also Snoop's girlfriend before he was killed. In the movie, Snoop attempts to reconcile with his former lover.

The rapper has been attached to the film project, his first starring role, for quite some time, as he was originally approached about

doing "Bones" back in April 1998 (see "Snoop Eyes Star Film Role In 'Bones'").

Since then, Snoop has been busy with his music-related endeavors, having released two solo albums, 1998's "Da Game Is To Be Sold, Not To Be Told" and 1999's "Top Dogg," as well as executive producing the new record from Tha Eastsidaz.

In related news, Snoop Dogg's former label, Death Row Records, plans to release a "best of" album containing some of the Doggfather's early classics, as well as several new and unreleased tracks.

The album, appropriately titled "Snoop Dogg's Greatest Hits," is scheduled for a March 28 release, and features such Snoop classics as "Nuthin' But A G Thang," "Who Am I (What's My Name)," "Gin & Juice," and a remix of "Murder Was The Case."

The track listing for "Snoop Dogg's Greatest Hits":

  • "Nuthin' But A G Thang"
  • "Who Am I (What's My Name)"
  • "Gin & Juice"
  • "Murder Was The Case (remix)"

  • "Ain't No Fun"
  • "Doggfather (remix)"
  • "Doggy Dogg World"
  • "Vapors"
  • "Keep It Real"
  • "Midnight Love"
  • "Eastside"
  • "Too High (Poly High)"
  • "Usual Suspects"
  • "Eastside Party"
  • "Snoop Bounce"