Will Smith Aims To Make His Shots Count With "Willennium"

With his Clash-sampling "Will 2K" single out on the airwaves and his "Willennium" album due out in a mere matter of weeks, it's hard to believe that the indomitable Will Smith would be knocking his knees over the impending release date.

However, that's exactly what the rapper-actor admitted to MTV News' John Norris when he stopped in for a chat on "Total Request Live." Would that have anything to do with how, as a solo artist, Smith doesn't produce albums as frequently as he did back in the day with Jazzy Jeff?

"Yeah. It makes it a little scarier, actually, yeah," Will replied. "It's one of those 'you can't afford to miss' [situations]. You only shoot the ball once or twice. You better go ahead and make those shots."

Of course, Smith doesn't think he's dropped the ball with "Willennium." Quite the opposite, actually.

"I mean,

this album is incredible," Smith continued. "I mean, the last album, 'Big Willie Style,' I felt good about it. It's like I worked some of the kinks out. And I just felt like my mind just wouldn't stop on this album."

"I got great concepts, great people working with me," he added. "The tracks are blazin'. It's just, I mean, you have to say it. It's the best album I've ever done. But really, I mean, it's shocking to me. When I'm listening to it, it's like, 'Can I really be this good?'" [RealVideo]

You'll have your chance to find out how good that is when "Willennium" hits stores on November 16.