Slick Rick's Comeback A Work Of "Art"

Hip-hop pioneer Slick Rick released his long-anticipated, long-delayed comeback album, "The Art of Storytelling," on Tuesday.

The rapper's first album, "The Great Adventures of Slick Rick," is revered as a hip-hop classic, but by the time his second album came out in 1991, he was incarcerated for shooting his cousin after a dispute.

A third album was released in 1994 while Slick Rick was behind bars, but as the rapper told MTV News, neither record was worthy of following his debut.

"This is my real second album," Slick Rick said of "Storytelling." "The second or third one I made before, I didn't like them. They were junk. I put them out there. I apologize for those two. I was rushed. I had a little black cloud hanging over my [head], you know what I mean? But this is the real second album. It's real good. It's just like the first one. It has substance, visual pictures, humor, dance tracks. It's

definitely 'ummph!'" [RealVideo]

"The Art of Storytelling" includes guest performances by Raekwon, Nas, and Outkast. It also features the reunion of Slick Rick and his original partner, Doug E. Fresh.