702 Celebrates Sophomore Album, Explains Ladies' Anthem

The ladies of 702 released their long-awaited, self-titled sophomore album this week, as the group's current single, "Where My Girls At," remains firmly lodged in the Top 5 of the Billboard Pop Singles Chart.

"Where My Girls At" has become known as a hip-hop ladies' anthem, but as 702's Meelah recently explained to the MTV Radio Network, some of the group's fans don't quite get the message.

"People often ask us how is it a girl's anthem," Meelah said, "and [they wonder], 'You're talking about someone else's man?' A lot of people misinterpret it. You really have to listen. What it is, we're asking, 'Where are my true girlfriends that wouldn't do that to me, that would have my back and wouldn't stab me in the back?' So that's basically the purpose of the song, to let girls know that we're down for each other and we're all one."

702 celebrated the release of the new album, its first since 1996's "No Doubt," with a celebrity-laden party at the Motown Cafe in the band's hometown of

Las Vegas (the group takes its name from the city's area code).

The trio is also scheduled to perform on all the dates of Brandy's abbreviated Never Say Never Tour, due to arrive at the Jones Beach Amphitheater on June 23.