702 Partied On Freeway When "Girls" First Hit Radio

The ladies of 702 have been spending a lot of time on tour lately, and that certainly hasn't hurt the success of their single, the Missy Elliott-produced "Where My Girls At," which recently went gold.

Fittingly enough, the first time Irish, LeMisha, and Kameelah ever heard the hit record on the radio, they were on the road... literally.

"We were just coming from recording," 702's Irish told MTV News, "and Misha, she was driving behind us, and me and Meelah were in the car. Then all of a sudden Misha swerves around us and starts honking the horn, and we're like, 'What are you doing? We're on the freeway!' or whatever. So [LeMisha] rolls down her windows, and we roll down ours, and she was like, 'Turn to the radio! Turn to the radio!'"

"'The song is on! The song is on!'" Kameelah added.

"So we

just get geeked out," Irish concluded. "We pump up the song and we're just ridin' like, 'Yeah!' Havin' a party on the freeway." [RealVideo]

702 is currently touring with Brandy and C-Note, but don't expect to see daredevil driver LeMisha on stage any time soon. As we reported last week, she gave birth to a baby boy on July 18, so her younger sister Orish is filling in for her on the outing (see "702's LeMisha Becomes A New Mother").