Vertical Horizon On Covering U2, Police Live

Vertical Horizon's major label debut, "Everything You Want," has just been certified gold, and now the New England-based band is preparing to head out on a spring tour beginning Thursday night in Dallas.

VH is currently enjoying a Top 20 single with the title track of "Everything You Want," and on Tuesday night the group is slated to perform the song live on "The Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn."

As part of its upcoming live shows, Vertical Horizon will continue its tradition of throwing in snippets of U2 and Police songs into the middle of its set, both as a means of segueing between its own original material as well as paying tribute to some of its influences.

In an interview with the MTV Radio Network, Vertical Horizon guitarist Keith Kane talked about the rational behind the band's mix and match set lists.

"We all share really diverse influences in terms of songwriters and bands and stuff," Kane said.

"So something we try and do within our set is throw in other people's songs -- sort of snippets of other people's songs so we don't have to commit to [playing] the whole thing.

"It takes up too much time, and we have the attention span of your average pop record listener. We like [to do] about a two-minute chunk of someone else's song, and then we go back into our song.

"We do some U2 stuff and some Police stuff and some Who," Kane continued. "There's so many wonderful bands and so many great songs that we try and throw in a bunch of stuff throughout the set. And even if it's [just] quoting something, like sometimes we quote 'The Sound Of Music.' Just beautiful melodies, [we'll] throw them in there wherever we can." [RealAudio]

Vertical Horizon's spring tour dates:

  • 3/23

    - Dallas, TX @ Trees

  • 3/24 - College Station, TX @ Shadow Canyon
  • 3/25 - Baton Rouge, LA @ Alternative Stage
  • 3/26 - Lafayette, LA @ Grant Street Dance Hall
  • 3/31 - Austin, TX @ La Zona Rosa
  • 4/4 - Montevallo, AL @ University of Montevallo
  • 4/5 - Troy, AL @ Troy State University
  • 4/7 - Memphis, TN @ Rhodes College
  • 4/8 - Nashville, TN @ Lipscomb University
  • 4/9 - Columbia, SC @ 3 Rivers Music Festival
  • 4/11 - Salisbury, NC @ Shuford Stadium
  • 4/13 - Winston-Salem, NC @ Wake Forest University
  • 4/14 - Greensboro, NC @ JC Parking Lot
  • 4/15 - E. Stroudsburg, PA @ Abeloff Convocation Center
  • 4/17 - Buckhannon, WV @ Rockefeller Center Gym
  • 4/18 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Union Ballroom
  • 4/19 - Easton, PA @ Kirby Fieldhouse
  • 4/21 - Seabright, NJ @ Tradewinds